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About Evan Aidman

Personal injury attorney Philadelphia
Welcome to Law Offices of Evan K. Aidman, where we aim to offer the best legal assistance to our clients, under the expertise of Evan Aidman!

Foreword from the founder:

Every since 1984, I have been working on personal injury cases, helping many clients and victims in getting justice. In the span of last three decades, I have worked with victims of traumatic injuries, and at all times, I have ensured and taken up cases on contingency basis. This simply means that our clients are not charged, unless they have won and got justice in settlement.

My journey wouldn’t be possible without my clients, who have shown immense trust in me, my team of legal experts and my lovely and dedicated wife Ayala, who works as a certified instructor for people with visually imparities. I have handled cases that often have little hope, but I consider it as a challenge to get justice for my clients.

In year 2011, I have published my book “Winning Personal Injury Cases”, which is intended to be a complete 380-page guide for budding lawyers and litigants. I have covered some of the most crucial elements, including the art of drafting effective demand letters and settlement proposals. It is an expansion of previous book, “Winning Your Personal Injury Claim”, which got great acclaim and works like a guide for laypersons for handing personal injury litigation.

I would like to again stress on the success of “Winning Personal Injury Cases”, and I insist my clients and other legal enthusiasts and lawyers to take a shot at the book for knowing more from my experience. “American Law Institute/American Bar Association”, which is my publisher, is taking orders for the same. The 2nd edition is also available and was published in November 2015.

My Philosophy & Work Style

If I have taken up a case, I always make sure that my client remains my top priority. I want all prospective clients and victims of personal injury cases to know the LegalAidMan Difference, which is about

  •  Quick and prompt personal response to all clients
  • Fast call back for all missed calls at a personal level
  • Genuine advice and answers to client questions
  • Extensive work and research for best possible case build-up
  • Offer honest assistance at every stage of the case
  • Care and personal attention to client’s wellbeing
  • Focus on offering affordable attorney charges
  • Push for large settlements
  • Limit the litigation costs to the best extent.
Get more help!

Apart from professional legal representation in Philadelphia, Evan also offers nationwide referrals, so that victims can get justice from the right legal expert. Please feel free to contact the office of Evan Aidman for any kind of personal injury cases, and he will personally take interest to get you help!

Stay Ahead, Get Justice!

At office of Evan Aidman, it is always a pleasure to help our clients in the most elaborate way possible. As always, we are available for assistance. If you are looking for Philadelphia Injury Lawyer, Call 610 642 7676 or email now and our team ill be happy to assist and offer the first meeting sans any charges.

Please note that all cases and details are handled and kept confidential for the needs of the case. We will also be happy to offer references for other legal cases that are not handled by our firm.