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Automobile Accidents

Car accidents are unfortunate, but the events that follow the accident actually determine whether the injured will get adequate compensation.

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Taking legal help!

Most automobile accidents are complicated, the situation can become stressful for the injured person. Apart from dealing with physical and emotional trauma, the victim will have to deal with many parties, including police, insurance companies, and lawyers. The victim need to call police and eventually get in touch with a legal firm, so that the case can be handled rightly from the start and all the essential evidence and investigation is done in detail.

Evan Aidman has been working on automobile accidents cases for more than three decades, and his experience helps his clients in getting the best representation in the case. Mr. Aidman works with his close team, and we ensure that all possible photos, evidences and witnesses are accounted at the earliest. We also deal with insurance companies, which often have strange ways to deny compensation for no solid reason at all. We also take police reports in consideration, get copies of any other documents that may be pertinent including details and statement of witnesses and also complete the necessary paperwork.

Get the right steps!
If you have been involved in an automobile accident, you should always seek the report from the police, because they are more likely to be empathetic to the victim. Also, it is wise to get the rescue report from the ambulance as it may have detailed information given the rescue workers and medical experts. While we do investigate the case on our own, we insist that victims should also take the first few steps, because we would want to have as much detail as possible to take up the case. If you are unable to talk to the witnesses, we can take the statements and do all the necessary work to bring more factual aspects to the case. We will also inform and give you complete information on the case at every level, especially when you are seriously injured and cannot follow the details.

Still have questions? Call, fax or email Mr. Aidman for any kind of legal discussions and meetings for Automobile Accident cases. We respond to all calls and emails within 24 hours, and we will be more than happy to offer references for cases that cannot be pursued by Mr Aidman and his team!