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Brain Injury Information

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Traumatic brain injury, also known as TBI, refers to any kind of brain injury that is inflected by external trauma. The victim may experience physical, psychosocial or cognitive damages as a result of the injury. Brain injuries can be classified into open injuries and closed head injuries. Open injuries are those where there is a penetrative damage through the skill, while closed head injuries are related mostly to neurological problems. Traumatic brain injuries can result from car collisions or any kind of experience that causes an internal effect on the brain.

The number of such cases has been on the rise, according to the National Institutes of Health, and TBI can be a major reason for long term disability in adults and children alike. TBI is a serious topic, because the victim may have damages and loss in his life, dealing with financial losses through medical treatments and loss of income. In many cases, treatment can mean long years of expenses, which can have a huge impact on the family members.

Understanding the symptoms

Depending on the reason of TBI, there are be a variety of different symptoms, which include anxiety, cognitive impairment, depression, aggression, cognitive impairment, diminished consciousness, loss of desires, restlessness and unusual behavior among others. TBI can also increase the risks of many diseases, including Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Filing a claim

If you have suffered a brain injury owing to someone else’s carelessness, you can take help of the law to get considerable verdicts or settlements. It is very essential that the case is taken seriously because the legal team will have to prove the injury, and at the same time, they must also prove that it is owing to the negligence of someone else, which would need opinions from occupational therapists, neurologists or neuro-psychologists.

Mr. Aidman has been working on brain injury cases for a long time, and we have the most genuine advice for our clients, because we want to get the right settlement. If we cannot take up the case, we can also offer nationwide references and help victims and their families in taking the right steps. We understand that brain injuries can be immensely damaging, which is why Mr. Aidman takes all cases personally.

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