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Children’s Injuries

For any parent, it can be a terrifying experience to find that their kid has been involved in an accident. While one can spend money, energy and other resources to care for the physical and emotional trauma of the child, it is very essential to take up the case and file a lawsuit against the person at fault.

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Cases related to Children Injuries are never easy. Most of the times, the insurance company will try to prove that the child is at fault. For insurance companies, these are pedestrian dart-out cases, and of course, the person involved will have his legal team that too will try to blame it on the kid.

Mr. Aidman has been working on personal injury cases in Philadelphia for the longest time, and he strongly believes that there are strong chances of getting a fair settlement for the child involved, when things are taken serious. We have a team that undertakes quick and thorough investigation of the accident location, finds smaller elements like type of neighborhood, age of the child and other things that may prove to be big evidences in the case. We will also work on other things like statement from witnesses and other investigation like record of the driver and so on.

Kids are different from adults

The good thing is most of the juries and judges have empathy for children, so the chances of settlements are better. Pennsylvania law recognizes that children and adults are not the same, and therefore, while judging the behavior of the kid, the court will primary try to understand other aspects too. Usually, there is special protection for the minor in such cases. Also, it is often seen that the court takes parental neglect into consideration, especially in the urbamn areas before deciding on the compensation amount.

Take the best advice!

Cases involving Children Injuries are often complicated and need thorough investigation, which is why Mr. Aidman takes special attention of such cases. He often talks at length with parents; sets his team for complete understanding of the minute facts at the accident team and offers genuine advice to the guardians what can be expected in terms of results.

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