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Ear Injuries

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Hearing Loss Claims are hard to deal with. One can face such traumatic hearing loss for a number of reasons, including use of defective products or even carelessness of medical professionals. It has also been observed that airbags, which otherwise save lives, can destroy hearing in the situation of explosion as the peak amplitudecan the sound pressure level of 170 dB.

When it comes to ear injuries, MrEvan Aidman is the best known Ear Injury Attorney Philadelphia, who takes up cases to ensure that his represented well. We are determined to take up cases that are often tough to be proved in the court, but with the experience of Mr. Aidman, we have turned things for our clients.

Types of ear injuries

  • Loss of hearing
  • Tinnitus or ringing in the years
  • Damage to tissues leading to partial hearing loss
  • Damage to the ear in other ways
  • punctured ear drums

Dealing with Tinnitus and Hearing Loss Claims

Personal injury cases are complicated, especially with regards to ear injuries. Medical problems like Tinnitus need to be established in the proceedings, and it is equally important to prove that the condition has been brought by trauma.

Evan Aidman has been phenomenal in proving cases related to ear injuries. In fact, he has used the CD available from American Tinnitus Association to prove a case. He aim is to ensure that the experiences of the client are represented in the right light to insurance adjuster, opposing counsel and top the judge.

For every case, Mr. Aidman likes to take the complete authority of investigation, and he works with known ENT specialists to determine their opinion on the case. It is also very essential to establish if the damage to hearing is permanent or temporary. As a matter of fact, the deployment of air bags is considered to be one of the major reasons behind permanent hearing loss.

At Evan Aidman’s office, we take complete care of our clients, offering them complete assistance and guidance on every level of the case. In fact, for cases where we cannot represent people directly, we always have referrals available across all states. If you have a question for Mr. Aidman or want to take an appointment for legal matters related to ear injuries, please reach us any time at your convenience!