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Fall down accidents

Fall-down cases are the most common lawsuits filed in the category of personal injuries, just after auto accidents. Also known as ‘slip and fall’ cases, these lawsuits are not easy like auto accident cases, mainly because one has to prove adequately that the injuries are a result of a fall, which is due to the negligence of someone else.
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Mr. Aidman, who has been practicing for more than three decades, understands the damages, physical injuries and emotional trauma caused to a victim. He personally handles all Fall-down cases, as the task of proving things are quite complicated.

There are basically two things that must be proved against the defendant-

  1. The injury was cause by a hazard
  2. And the hazard was known to the defendant for at least some time and he didn’t prevent the same

For such cases, prompt investigation is required, so that more witness statements and details can be taken to understand the existence of the potential hazard. For example in cases where a victim is injured while walking on the sidewalks owing to a pothole, the city may have some liability for repairs. As such, fall-down accident cases are identified based on certain classification. There may be different classification, so it is wise to check the state laws to understand things better.

There are four classifications of plaintiffs under Pennsylvania law,

  1. Invitees – If the plaintiff was invited to the premises by owners of the business.
  2. Licensees – When the plaintiff enters the property, with consent of the possessor.
  3. Trespassers- When the plaintiff entered the property sans any permission of property owner.
  4. Comparative Negligence – These are cases where the victim failed to be careful.

For most premises liability cases, there may be a coverage for the medical expenses and treatments, which is called med-pay.

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Mr. Aidman has worked on varied cases related to fall-down accidents, and he knows the kind of situations that may emerge in the case. In most of the cases, he ensures that his client has complete understanding of the chances of settlement and is well informed on the investigation and development in the case. Also, our team will offer references nationwide in cases when we cannot take up the case for you.If you have questions or queries, please call or email us. We are available all through the year, and we respond to all emails in less than 24 hours!