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LASIK eye surgery is an elective surgery process that aims to reduce the need for using contact lenses and glasses. Most patients who opt for Lasik expect to get improved vision, and the surgery involves reshaping of the cornea using a laser beam. While Lasik is quite popular, it is also an expensive procedure with costs reaching as high as $4,500 per eye.

Lasik has improved vision for thousands of patients, but sadly, there are around 1% to 5% of patients who have major complications following the surgery. Then around 10-15% of the patients have to go undergo repeat procedures to re-correct issues like diminished contrasts, blurry vision, over correction, and under correction. In the last few years, LASIK malpractice cases have increased massively, and in such cases, one can file for a case.

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LASIK malpractice cases can be complicated and hard to prove on many occasions. It is always essential to understand whether the procedure is meant for you in the first place. The first thing is the amount of correction needed, the corneal thickness and the pupil size of the patient. Since Lasik is an expensive treatment choice, it has emerged to be a lucrative option for eye clinics. Many times, physicians often operate patients who have high risks,. Needless to mention, finding experienced laser surgeon who can testify in such cases can be tough.

Whether you should take up a LASIK malpractice case is dependent on many factors. Mr. Aidman always has the best advice for his clients after there are issues with the procedure, but before anything else, he always insists people on understanding the risks and need for Lasik. Mr. Aidman has taken up such cases, but we would like to again stress that these cases can be hard to prove, which calls for understanding the expenses and the possible chances of settlement.

Mr. Aidman is available for discussing LASIK malpractice at length, and with his experience, he can always have the most genuine advice on whether a client should go ahead with a lawsuit. If you know someone who has been suffering owing to the negligence of an eye clinic in such a procedure, please feel free to reach us.

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