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Legal Malpractice

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Legal malpractice is a very relevant and can hold up against most types of legal cases. For example, if a contract lawyer makes a mistake in the contract, he can be sued by the client, or when a corporate lawyer fails to complete the paper work on time, he may be sued for negligence and legal malpractice. This also applies to personal injury cases, and you will be rather surprised to find that such cases are huge in number.

Do you have a case?

Filing a legal malpractice case isn’t as easy as it may sound. Many of the errors that constitute legal malpractice can be subjective, and the choices made by a personal injury attorney may not be considered to be malpractice, even though the final outcome is not in favor of the client. The complications in such cases are often very advanced, which is why one should consider wisely if there is a case against the legal firm or lawyer at all. For example, a client may feel that the lawyer didn’t fight the case as intended, but the lawyer may have had a different strategy. All these elements make it very tough to battle legal malpractice.

Understand your chances

At Evan Aidman’s office, we take up legal malpractice cases, only when we understand the possibilities. Given that these cases are extremely complicated, Mr. Aidman likes to talk to his clients personally to understand the facts. He is often very blunt but honest with his opinions. At the end of the day, it makes no sense to take up a case that would earn nothing but embarrassment, and it is also essential to understand whether you can expect to get a fair amount of compensation. After spending money and time, you need to at least get something more than what has been invested.

If you have a case related to legal malpractice, please call or email us for more details. Mr. Aidman often has the most genuine advice even for the toughest cases, and as always, we will weigh the pros and cons before taking the case. We also offer nationwide references, especially for those cases which cannot be taken up or represented by our firm. We are available all through the week, and emails would be answered by our team in less than 24 hours.