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Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice cases are filed against careless medical practice, but it is a complicated section of personal injury cases. Welcome to Evan Aidman’s office, where we offer the most genuine advice and legal assistance on Medical malpractice lawsuits.

Understanding Medical malpractice

It is very essential to understand that not every bad result from medical processes or services amounts to malpractice. At no point, doctors can be guarantors of the services, and therefore, such cases must be proved in a legally sufficient way. The second thing to note is the need to explore elements of a medical malpractice case, which includes understanding practical medical issues.

Whether you have a case depends on many factors, it would not be wrong to point that a good number of cases are finally won by doctors. Needless to mention, you should only take up such a case when you have the assurance and advice of a trusted lawyer, as there are costs involved.

Get genuine advice on getting started!

Mr. Aidman has worked on medical malpractice cases since he started practicing law, and he always insists on understanding and comprehending the case before finally taking it up. At his office, we always take a few extra steps to consider whether a client has a case. We would also like to talk of the costs in such cases, which can be high because the legal team would need to gather medical records, get doctors and experts to review the same and even work with the eyewitnesses. Pretty obviously, it doesn’t make sense to spend $50,000 on a case, when the settlement would be much later.

In his three decades of experience with personal injury cases, Mr. Aidman has found many situations where their client probably had suffered immensely owing to medical malpractice, but a case wouldn’t have made sense. We take up cases after we have informed our clients on all the essential points, including the chances of settlement, the costs involved and the required time expected.

If you think you have a case, we insist you reach for an appointment with Mr. Aidman. We also offer references across all states, just in the situation when we cannot take up the case. Feel free to reach us on phone, email, and fax, and we ensure to offer the most insightful advice on taking the first few steps. All emails are responded within 24 hours.