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Products Liability

Products liability law is applicable to cases, where injuries are sustained owing to defective products. Such cases demand grave attention, for the fact the injuries are often serious in nature. At Evan Aidman’s office, we take product liability cases on utmost priority, ensuring our clients get the best possible compensation and justice.

Fighting Products liability Cases

Products liability law includes all kinds of injuries that are sustained as a result of using a defective product. This may include defective designs, lack of adequate maintenance of the product, defects in manufacturing and issues in repairs. In such cases, the access to the defective product can offer the best possible chance for quick success. however, we have also handled cases, where the product isn’t available to the client, and the next step we ensure is the preservation of the product for the needs of litigation.

Please note that the law in your state may apply strict liability, which means determining of the liability based on the actual defect. Products liability cases are often complicated and involve plenty of expensive legal expenses, which include getting engineers to testify the defect, and given these big companies have their own team of legal experts, it might be a complicated case to pursue. With their large funds, it might be a big fight against the corporations, which calls for big investment.

Take our help

At Evan Aidman’s office, we take the hard decision of advising clients on whether they should take up a products liability litigation case. Mr. Aidman would work extensively to offer his insights on the case, which involves knowing the chances of winning the court, understanding the expenses involved and finally taking a decision. Typically, unless the case is worth an amount of $75,000 or more, we don’t advise our clients to take up the case. Of course, we always like to understand every small detail before reaching the final decision.

If we cannot take up the case owing to certain restrictions, we always offer references for clients looking to pursue products liability litigation case. However, for the cases we pursue, we like to explain all possibilities, so that our clients are well versed with the probable consequences.

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