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Workers Compensation

Any worker or individual, who is injured on the job, may have the right to workers’ compensation. It is wise to point here that the laws vary from state to state, and therefore, one should opt for independent research, for understanding the laws that may be applicable to a case.

Welcome to Evan Aidman’s office!

Mr. Aidman has been working on personal injury cases since 1984, and he has been phenomenal in cases where he has taken workers’ compensation claims for his clients. At his office, we understand the importance of workers’ compensation, because the amount received can be of grave importance for the client and his family members. Usually, the compensation comes handy for paying the medical bills and loss of work.

Understanding workers’ compensation cases!

Note that you cannot just go ahead to sue the company or employer for the injuries, and therefore, workers’ compensation cases are handled in a different way as compared to other personal injury cases. There are two major differences between these two kinds of cases.

  1. Unlike personal injury cases, workers’ compensation doesn’t require prove of fault.
  2. Compensation can be received for pain in suffering in non-work accidents, but that’s not the case with workers compensation.

However, you need to understand that there may be relevant exceptions to such rules. For example, one can sue the employer for pain and suffering, when the employer doesn’t provide for workers’ compensation insurance. Depending on the needs of the case, the lawyer must prove fault against the company, and if there is a co-worker involved, the case must be proved against him too.

It is also worthy to point out that you can go ahead and pursue a case even you don’t have an attorney. However, you should consider hiring your legal team when the claim is denied. Your attorney will charge somewhere around 20% of the entire benefit received, which is much lower than the 33% that’s usually charged for personal injury cases.

At Evan Aidman’s office, we work on cases right from the time of filing for claims and even on those where claims have been denied. We always believe in offering the best possible advice to our clients, and no matter how complicated the injury may be, we are always available for assistance. Feel free to call us for an appointment with Mr. Aidman. We also offer nationwide references!