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Welcome to Evan Aidman’s office!

We understand the importance of getting genuine legal help in personal injury cases, and that’s why Mr. Aidman and his team would take the pleasure of offering nationwide referrals for personal injury attorneys. We have been working on increasing our network of trial lawyers, so that we can help clients who need the services of a law firm but cannot be represented by our firm.

Why us?
Simply because we don’t offer blind referrals or listings of lawyers that are paid for advertisements! While we all know of referral services, most of them don’t really follow the ethics, and that’s precisely why the team of Mr. Aidman wants to be make the difference. Just like you would never select a doctor based on an ad, we understand that you have similar concerns while selecting a lawyer.

Just in case you are looking for a referral for any kind of personal injury case, feel free to reach us. We are available on call, fax and on email, and we insist that you send us at least the basics of your case, so that we can help you in the right way. Usually, we follow a clear set of steps for offering referrals, which involves reviewing the case, understanding the legal elements and finally making a referral. Please note that we may also call for additional information, which is all about knowing the case better for making the right decision for referring the right lawyer.

At the same time, we take the steps to ensure that the lawyer referred is working rightly for the needs of the case. We will keep in constant touch, ensuring you always have our help and extended assistance in getting the right legal help.

All clients can call us at 215-563-7088 for all kind of references. You can choose to email your requests, queries and all other things to We promise to be your helping hand for all kinds of personal injury cases, where we cannot take the battle for you!